Akuro Parker appeal for Churches to Teach and Practice Kingdom-Model Political Leadership Principles

Deacon Akuro Parker, former National Chairman of UNPP and the governorship candidate for Rivers State. In 1998, he contested the primar...

Deacon Akuro Parker, former National Chairman of UNPP and the governorship candidate for Rivers State. In 1998, he contested the primaries of United Nigeria Congress Party (UNCP) before the death of Sani Abacha.

Deacon Parker is known for his persistence contest for governorship position in Rivers State since 2003 until the last election that was conducted in 2015.

He wrote this message as a letter for the Christian bodies.

I am Deacon Akuro Parker, an Architect, a born again Christian serving in living faith church, D/Line, Port Harcourt.

This appeal to teach and practice Kingdom-Model political leadership principles was prompted by a dream I had where a large crowd of angry youths were protesting against the pastors, alleging that they are not telling them the truth concerning the need of their collective biblical role, as a united kingdom army (2 Tim 2:3-4; Jn. 17:21), to defend kingdom political interests just as they serve in the church. Consequently, in defiance of God’s commandants, they ignorantly fight each other in favour of political party interests instead of fighting to enthrone God fearing leaders (Deut. 17:15, Act 6:3-7) that will administer justice. It is sad that the army of God who should have the same mind of Christ can’t function in unity because of lack of truth.

This burden was first shared with The Lordships, Anglican Bishops of Niger Delta Province in Bori, Rivers State on the 12th of September, 2015 and thereafter with the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) in Port Harcourt on the 22nd of October, 2015. Furthermore, on the 28th of July 2016 I was invited by the CCN to share the same message in Lagos.Presentations are being made to churches, Non-Governmental Organizations and Communities in our effort to transform the dangerous political sphere. Christians are not to rest until justice is established in the land (Isa. 62:1, Ps. 137:5-6, Neh. 2:3).

I am irresistibly prompted to also share with you, considering the worsening conditions of the less privileged under our care (Ps. 82:2-4) and the reproach upon the church. The painful price of injustice, insecurity and poverty the masses, whose souls we seek to win are paying because of ignorance and unrighteous leadership is regrettable (Prov. 31:8-9, Jer. 9:23-24). The Lord categorically stated that doing justice or care for the hungry, the naked, homeless, prisoners and the sick is what it means to serve him (Matt. 25:33-40, Jer. 22:15-16).   

Undoubtedly, you must be equally very sad that your evangelical efforts are not yielding the expected results in the transformation of our society(1Jn 3: 8b, Matt 5: 14-15). The church seems to be catching fishes into boats with big holes because of the unfavourable political environment for soul winning. From my dream, the Lord is pointing out what the church has left undone to achieve righteous leadership, justice, effective soul winning and the transformation of society.

The great commission demands of the church to harness all powers in heaven (Spiritual) and on earth (economic and political Powers), to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28: 18-19). To ensure its success, God specifically instructed that the church should pay more attention to justice, (which implies righteous leadership - political power), than tithes and offerings, (economic power) (Matt. 23:23). The church’s gross negligence of political power has given much place (Eph 4:27) to unrighteous leadership and injustice. The rapid growth of the early church was the result of justice and peace established through the able leadership of the seven deacons. We also need to raise disciples and not just members.  God, the King of all nations (Jer. 10:7), created political power for the expansion of His kingdom on earth (Col. 1:16, 3: 23) and not for the promotion of satanic kingdom.
To effectively seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness (Matt. 6:33),  Christians must  wholly follow the Lord as Caleb and Joshua did (Josh. 14:8-9, Num. 13:30, 14:24) by boldly possessing the land with the evidence of enthroning the King’s representatives for Justice and righteousness (2 Chr. 9:8).Therefore, as a practical demonstration of Christian faith, the church has an inalienable responsibility to enthroneGod chosen leaders (Deut. 17:15) that will focus on transforming the lives of the people as serving the Lord (Col. 3:23, Matt. 25:35-36).

To acquire the political power, beyond prayers, the church must sow the necessary seed to enthrone righteous leadership. The sons of God, the saviours (Obe. 21) must graduate from the church “Army school” and salvage the suffering masses that are eagerly waiting for their manifestation.As soldiers they must be taught that, whosoever would want to save his life will lose it. (Matt 16:24-26; Jn. 12:24-26) andtherefore must be committed to serve without fear.There are biblical prescriptions (Deut. 17:15-21, Hos. 8: 4, 10) and examples (1 King 1:11 – 22, Acts 6:3-7), on how believers should be mobilized to establish kingdom-model political leadership to resist and destroy the works of the enemy. People can only rejoice and be committed to serving God when the righteous rule (Prov. 29:2) and wickedness is resisted (Lk. 1:74, 75, Isa. 12:3).

The Church being the foundation and pillar of truth (1Tim. 3:15), should no longer neglect its responsibility of practical support for righteous leadership to promote justice. The destiny of the nation, to a very great extent, is the responsibility of the Church (Isa. 9:6-7) and not the politicians we often blame, because it is the place of the church to raise saviours to salvage the nation. The good leadership that will bring peaceful development is not the exclusive responsibility of an individual “good” leader, but requires “good” followers with godly sense of values and virtues. Only the church can inculcate such values and not the political parties that are not morally inclined. God is seriously concerned for the church to fulfill its purpose of national transformation, hence this dream message.  

Any society will fail whose citizenry lack noble values and virtues irrespective of the good qualities of the leader; hence the Messianic leader Moses was also disappointed by the “stiff-necked” Israelites. The enemy of Nigeria is the corrupt value system that celebrates corruption, tribalism and indiscipline which the Church must resist and overcome.

The purpose of the Spirit in man, among others, is to establish justice in the nation (Isa. 42:1-5) which implies control of the political power. Besides building cathedrals and participating in Church service units, the church needs to be taught that political power (Matt. 28:18), is an indispensable instrument of God to make disciples of all nations by establishing justice.Scriptures trying to correct Ministers on this matter also categorized justice, mercy and faithfulness as weightier matters than tithe and offering (Matt. 23:23). God considers the establishment of justice as priority because it is by justice He rules over the nations. It is God’s delight over the nation He rules that enables the people to enjoy the good of the land (Num. 14:8) and not by their wisdom or effort.

To salvage our nation, we need to think and act scripturally (differently) as to have different results. Ulysses S. Grant,  the 18th president of USA said “…to the influence of the bible we are indebted for the progress made in civilization, and to this we must look as our guide in future”.Beyond preaching salvation, prosperity and miracles, the church of Nigeria should teach how to apply biblical principles in solving socio-economic and political problems as in America (Prov. 16:6, Acts 6:3-7). The Nigerian Church needs to fulfill its purpose of national transformation.

During the 2010 Nigerian Golden Jubilee Rally organized by Bishop David Oyedepo, the Bishop queried the church and said: “the church in her sleeping state has given too much room to the devil… the church has been clearing the political bush without planting…” God can’t be pleased by the continuous failure of the church to practically resist the overwhelming evil political influence that is against the growth of the Kingdom(Righteousness, Peace and Joy). Evidently, the church is mainly sawing seeds for numerical and financial growth, neglecting the indispensable seed of righteous leadership for kingdom growth. The people are much influenced by their leaders and also suffer for their sins.Nigeria which is considered to have about the highest number of churches, the largest Christian congregations and cathedrals in the world can’t continue to disappoint God.It is an abomination (to God and men) for kings to commit wickedness (Prov. 16:12), therefore the enthronement of God fearing leadership should be the churches’ priority project. None of the popular excuses is justifiable for the church to continue to neglect its responsibility to establish righteous leadership.

First, the excuse that Jesus shunned politics cannot be true.Politics is all about protection of interests. It’s when the righteous rule the people rejoice (Prov. 29: 2) therefore, Jesus is in favour of righteous political leadership. Jesus gave priority attention to protecting kingdom interest by His total devotion to human happiness, justice and truth in his teachings and actions. His statement: “…my kingdom is not of this world…” (John 18:36), doesn’t mean He has no business with the world which He came to save, rather it means that the kingdom power He manifests is not of earthly origin.
Furthermore, He was never averse to politics as some misunderstood just because He tactfully shunned distractive kingship offer by the Jews and revolutionary political arguments which were capable of truncating His crucifixion, therefore the redemption mission. Evidently, He finally emerged the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords in Heaven and on earth. As He is so we are (1 Jn 4: 17).We are ordained Priests and Kingsto manifest kingdom principles to transform society and not to watch evil. We are therefore not to shun politics.

Second, the excuse for neutrality or silence as to avoid divisions in the church sounds carnally logical but spiritually deceitful. The brethren, no doubt, cooperate in the internal church activities in anticipation of blessings but are not passionate for justice in the nation which is a weightier purpose of Christianity than tithe and offering (Matt. 23:23). Unfortunately, there is no serious attention and teaching on the importance and benefits of justice in the national politics, as we do for tithes and offerings, probably because of avoidance of offending members with contrary political views to the word of God (Gal. 1: 10).From Jn. 6:66, the departure of those who detested truth did not bother Christ. Prophet Nathan’s role in the enthronement of King Solomon is a good example (1King 1:11-22) of support for God’s interest.Desiring to be politically correct by pleasing dissident members’selfish political interests (Jn. 2:23-24, 6:26)has made the church to sacrifice God’s interests of justice and truth (Jam. 4:4, Isa. 29:13) in the nation.
The death of Jesus Christ would be in vain if believers remain silent in bondage all the days of their lives because of the fear of death (Hebrew 2:14-15). Our prayers must be accomplished by practical actions for dominion on earth (Num. 13:30, Jn. 12: 24-26-26, Eph. 4: 27)

Third, the excuse for tolerating evil as signs of the end time is not justified. The last days or the end of the time of existence of Satan on earth is the period, from the first coming of Christ to his second coming, when the saints have the authority and responsibility to destroy the powers of the enemies (Lk 10: 19, 1Jn 3:8b) before Christ will return to finally destroy Satan and his wicked system. The end time agenda of the church is to increase in wisdom, power and dominion(Isa. 2:1-4, Mic.4: 1-3) thereby attracting multitude into the kingdom (Matt. 24:14). Within the same end time, several nations that were far behind Nigeria are now far ahead of usby the application of justice, mercy and truth, that purged their iniquities (Prov. 16:6) to enable them to access their blessings. At any given time, man will always reap what he sows.

Fourth, the excuse that one is not called into politics, I strongly feel, is not justified.God repeatedly commands all His ministers not to rest until righteousness is established in the land (Isa 62:6-7, 42:1-5). Consequently, David preferred to forgo his personal joy and comfort for that of Jerusalem. What is priority to God must equally be every minister’s priority. If all Pastors must teach  tithe and offering which is a less important subject than JUSTICE, then all Pastors must equally teach kingdom-model political leadership to ensure justice and equity in the nation (Isa. 42:1). Bishop Oparaojiaku wrote in his book “Politicians and The Rest of us” pg54, “It is falsehood and betrayal of the gospel, if the church keeps staying away from politics… Any church or minister of the gospel that will have nothing to do with politics will equally have nothing to do with the people”. God can’t be pleased that some shepherds pay private armed security without bothering much about the safety of the flock. Therefore the establishment of justice is the  responsibility of every Christian as stated in the following scriptures among others ( Prov. 29:2, 31:8-9, Isa. 1:17, 42:1-5, Matt. 25:33-40, Ps. 82:2-4, Jam. 1:27).     

Fifth, the excuse for waiting for all churches to unite to resist evil in the land is not also tenable. Nehemiah, Esther, David among others did not wait for all the churches before taking action. Any Christian that loves God and not just the church or the Pastor can’t watch the blasphemy of the name of God forever (Isa. 62:1, Ps. 137: 5-6).

Sixth, excuse of dragging the church into dirty politics – Nigeria being a secular state.
“The enemies of God will always fight to exclude His word” (Proverbs 28:4 Paraphrase). The church is principally a school (Eph. 4:11-12) to raise the kingdom army to illuminate and redeem the political sphere.Christians are the light of the world and not the light of the church. The first President of America, GeorgeWashingtonrightly stated that “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible”. The promotion of kingdom-model political leadership should therefore be of priority to the church to ensure justice (Prov. 29:2).    

Finally the excuse of waiting for the time “the wicked politicians” will clear the way for children of God to be involved isUTOPIA.God said He will prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies (Ps. 23:5).We are to resist evil by kingdom principles and not to wait for it to clear on its own.God and the suffering masses are eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God (Ezk. 22:23-31, Rom.8:19), like Caleb, Joshua, Esther, Nehemiah and David, to validate the Christian mission of dominion, redemption and transformation of humanity in Nigeria.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the Senior Pastor of the Embassy of Godin Ukraine, a Nigerian,has boldly exemplified the application of Kingdom principles in the transformation of Ukraine. Please see his books for details:Church Shift, Nigeria and the Leadership QuestionandOnly God Can Change Nigeria, What a Myth?

 In conclusion, for the sake of the peace and joy (Isa.12:3) of the souls we are praying to win, the pursuit of righteous leadership and justice (the delight of God’s heart), should be of utmost priority to the church (Prov. 29:2, Ecl. 3:16, Jer. 9:23-24). It is very possible for the enviable success of the church in numerical strength and affluence by the word power to be replicated in the establishment of justice and righteousness, if we can feel the pains of the suffering masses of the body of Christ. It is written:“…wisdom is proved right by her actions” (Matt 11:19).  Evidently, the time seems ripe for the transformation crusade to be effective now that the people are tired of suffering and in dare need of effective solutions. Our current frustrating efforts by trying to “chase and kill the flies” (criminals) without first cleaning the “filthy environment” (wicked leadership) is the reason for our failures.Therefore, beyond prayers, the church needs to teach and take practical steps to promote righteous leadership to salvage Nigeria.It’s suicidal to timidly push believers into politics without first educating them,(Eph 4: 12) on kingdom political vision, principles, how to engage as a united army of God and the benefits.  God Commands His blessings in our unity.

May God confirm to you the authenticity of this End time Kingdom Revolutionary message, even as you earnestly consider that Christians are not permitted to be at ease until righteousness is establish in the nation (Isa. 62:1 Ps. 137:5-6).While craving your indulgence to overlook my imperfections in conveying this message, I most humbly appeal to you to fight for the truth (2 Cor. 13:8) as follows:

1.    Delegate Ministers to coordinate this “weighty project” (Matt. 23:23) for a befitting attention because of your busy schedules.
2.    Approve reorientation leadership seminar and workshops for the Ministers and the Church workers on practical application of kingdom principles of truth, justice and righteousness to transform our corrupt value systems and leadership.
3.    Approve special reorientation lectures and workshops for Christian politicians, civil servants and the forces on the practical application of kingdom values in their various mission fields.
4.    Approve teaching sermons on the above for the congregations and Crusades for the public.
5.    Grant me audience for further clarification.

Thanks in anticipation for the assurance of your favorable consideration of the message of God (Jn. 8:47)

Yours faithfully,

Deacon Akuro Parker (Arc.)



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DON.ng - News and Entertainment: Akuro Parker appeal for Churches to Teach and Practice Kingdom-Model Political Leadership Principles
Akuro Parker appeal for Churches to Teach and Practice Kingdom-Model Political Leadership Principles
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